Discharge Process

From discharge process to billing questions, we can help

Thank you for choosing St. Vincent's Medical Center. As you leave our facility, know that we are always here for you or your loved one should the need arise. If you have questions concerning the discharge process, financial assistance, insurance, medical records or patient concerns, our Patient Information team can help. 

The Discharge Process

Your physician will determine when you are ready to be discharged from the hospital. He or she will write your discharge order along with other members of your patient care team. They will provide detailed instructions about continuing care and recovery at home. 

Planning Your Discharge:  If possible, make plans for your discharge before you are admitted to the hospital. Speak with your nurse or case management representative if you have concerns about returning to your living situation without additional assistance. Your nurse or case manager can help you:

  • Arrange placement at a skilled nursing facility or rehabilitation facility to continue your care
  • Set up home nursing services if you need them
  • Arrange delivery of medical equipment-such as a wheelchair, walker or oxygen
  • Understand your insurance benefit for post-discharge services

Discharge Times: Our goal is to discharge patients before 11:00 AM Your physician or nurse will inform you of your discharge time.

Transportation: The hospital does not provide discharge transportation. It's best to have someone available to drive you home after you are discharged from the hospital. 

  • Coordinate with a family member, loved one or caregiver to arrange a ride home. 
  • Taxi cabs can be called on your behalf as well. 
  • If you are being discharged after an outpatient procedure, you will not be allowed to drive yourself home and should make transportation arrangements ahead of time.

Prescriptions: In most cases, your physician will prescribe one or more medications for you to use at home. To help with your transition, St. Vincent's Outpatient Pharmacy can fill your prescription before you leave the hospital. To be sure your prescriptions are ready; please let your healthcare provider know as early as possible that you'll be using St. Vincent's Outpatient Pharmacy Services. (Prescription refills can be transferred to your local pharmacy upon request.)  

Pharmacy: 203.576.5713

Billing and Customer Service

If you have Billing or Financial questions, please call St. Vincent’s Customer Service Billing Department at 203.576.5384 for assistance with:

  • Hospital billing
  • Your account balance
  • Document requests (attorney billing document request instructions, detail itemized bill, Financial Assistance Application, Medical Records)
  • Updating your insurance, address and guarantor information

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Billing Questions

We know how complicated hospitals bills can be and we’re here to help you navigate through the entire process.

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Billing Questions

We know how complicated hospitals bills can be and we’re here to help you navigate through the entire process.

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