Medical Executive Committee

The Medical Executive Committee of St. Vincent’s Medical Center serves a critical role identifying community health needs and setting Medical Center goals for implementing programs to meet those needs.

They make recommendations on all matters that affect quality of care, including staff, space and equipment and act upon recommendations concerning quality assurance and educational activities.

In addition, the committee makes recommendations to the Board of Directors on all matters relating to credentialing, appointment, reappointment, Medical Staff categories and clinical privileges and ensures ethical conduct and competent clinical performance on the part of all members of the Medical Staff.

The Medical Executive Committee consists of the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Medical Officer, the Vice President for Patient Care Services, the officers of the Medical Staff, the Chairperson of each department and as many members at large as are necessary to maintain a majority of community-based physicians engaged in the private practice of medicine. The Past President of the medical staff also sits on MEC as a guest.

Medical Staff Officers

Rahul Gupta
Rahul Gupta, MD
Eddy Castillo
Eddy Alexander Castillo, MD
Vice President
Jared Selter
Jared Gideon Selter, MD, FACC
Christopher Iannuzzi
Christopher Michael Iannuzzi, MD
Radiation Oncology

Department Chairs

Khalid Abbed
Khalid Abbed, MD
Jeffrey Berman
Jeffrey Berman, MD
Thomas Bladek
Thomas Bladek, MD
Daniel Gottschall
Daniel Gottschall, MD
Christopher Iannuzzi
Christopher Iannuzzi, MD
Adam Kaye, MD
Adam Kaye, MD
Eugene Lewis
Eugene Lewis, DO
Laboratory Medicine
Kelly Matmati
Kelly Matmati, MD
Joseph Portereiko
Joe Portereiko, MD
Interim Chair, Surgery
Linette Tejada
Linette Rosario Tejeda, MD
Family Practice
Listy Thomas
Listy Thomas, MD
Steven Valassis
Steven Valassis, MD
Emergency Medicine
Joseph Vitterito
Joseph Vitterito, MD
Joseph Vitterito
Tobias Wasser, MD

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